Summer Potluck at the Water’s Edge

14 Jul
July 14, 2014

We have been playing a coast to coast game of chess on google docs for the past few weeks.   We have all these talented women who have thrown their hats into the ring to row with Chinook this summer, and we are working feverishly to put all of you in the right combinations.   Only time will tell whether we have done right by each athlete, but let it be known, we have worked very hard to make the experience a successful one.

The rest is up to each rower.

Ask yourself if you have done your part.   To race with a team such as ours, there is an obligation on the part of each individual to be self motivated.  You are ultimately responsible for your training, and fitness and preparation prior to arriving at each regatta.    We trust you are ready and raring to go.  Ask yourself, are you mentally prepared for the experience of meeting new people – embracing diversity and looking for the positive in each moment.    Coaching styles, coxing styles,  and personalities can all be very different, lets celebrate what we all have to offer.   Even go so far as to ask yourself to be the one who works the hardest to make this the best experience you have ever had.    After all, it is what we each bring to the table that makes any potluck great.  It will set the tone for this collaborative  rowing opportunity.  Bring your very best, and dish it out with power and grace.

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